Welcome to Conekto Community

The Online Community for Solopreneurs & Side Hustlers

An online oasis for Solopreneurs & Side Hustlers

Conekto Community is a safe place for solopreneurs & side hustlers to encourage and inspire each other so that together we can remove the obstacles that hold us back, grow our businesses–and ourselves, to help make our own communities a better place.

Solopreneurs & side hustlers have many challenges that can be met by being part of a tribe. This is your community to support each other; to grow together; to celebrate each other's success together. You are no longer alone.

What are your challenges?


Are you a solopreneur or side hustler?

The Merriam-Webster defines Solopreneurs as:

"one who organises, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise without the help of a partner : a solo entrepreneur"

Basically, you work for yourself, mainly on your own. Is that you?

A Side Hustle is defined as:

"work performed for income supplementary to one's primary job"

It's having an idea on the side that's generating money–or at least that's your aim.

Why you should join Conekto

It sure can be a lonely business being a solopreneur...and quite an eye-opener if all you've previously known is employment. 🏢 Right?

Suddenly, you have to do everything yourself. No picking up the phone to Clive in IT when your laptop stops working. 💻 Or your printer decides to join a union and go on strike. 🖨 📵

No water cooler moments...except perhaps with your cat 🐈, who doesn't seem to help you creatively brainstorm your ideas as much as your old colleagues (though perhaps they didn't either...) 🤔

But, it doesn't have to be that way...

Just because you work on your own, you don't have to do it alone.

Kickstart your week

...Imagine Kickstarting your Monday with a quick 20minute team meeting, that helps you focus and be accountable for what you want to achieve that week. ⏰

Then, meet back with the team to Review the week on a Friday. 📊 How did it go? Did you achieve what you said you would? What can you learn from it to take into next week?

Connect Groups are a powerful way to help solopreneurs and side hustlers, punch procrastination, ditch distraction so you can thrive.

Are you an ideal member?

You'll get the most out of Conekto if you...

  • Need Connection – you're spending more time running your business on your own than you'd like  
  • Are Flexible – you're available to meet online most weeks on a Monday & Friday (just 20-mins) during the day and once a month midweek (90mins), again during the day. 
  • Are Open – you're happy to share thoughts around your own business and ideas as well as giving feedback on others 
  • Challenge – you're willing to encourage debate, but happy to disagree graciously, more curious than judgemental
  • Are Generous – you're almost as excited about other members' successes as your own

What others say about connect groups...

“I felt energised and inspired after every call. Although we never met in person, I could feel a strong sense of belonging and empathy. Richard is a great facilitator!”
"Thanks everyone for the great support and for sharing inspiring tools and resources."
"It has been wonderful to connect with like-minded people, share our successes and wins but also support each other through any doubts that inevitably arise too. Richard is a fantastic facilitator and knows how to get the most out of people in a group setting. I’ve really valued being part of a supportive group with a collective mission.”